Swim Event Safety Award 21 April, Mount Batten

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Swim Event Safety Award 21 April, Mount Batten

Postby bob g » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:00 pm

This message came in today from Dan Tolchard. If you're interested, take a look at the link embedded in the message. If you'd like to follow up, please contact Dan directly.

Message begins:

Dear all

I have today secured the Mount Batten Centre for April 21st to run the SESA course.

Initially it will be open to 10 POPCA members (12 if a coach is amongst that number)

There is a large regional demand for this course so if the spaces aren't filled by March 21st I will advertise it nationally.

The SESA training is recognised as an 18 month coach update course.

The course fee will be £35 pp (£38 for non BC members) and includes fee for certification.

More importantly the course is jam packed with theory and practical skills that will help improve skill and awareness for any paddlers who escort swimmers.

For more info, syllabus and pre requisites follow this link.
http://bculifeguards.org.uk/swim-event- ... ward-sesa/

Bob Grose has done this training in Penzance so you may want to ask him about it.

Please share the poster attached and also forward onto club sectary to go out to all members.

Many thanks
Dan Tolchard
BCU Lifeguards
07870 666906
01736 366784

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